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Dubai Property Trends 2016 versus 2015

Dubai Property Trends

Generally the property or real estate is an investment that has its own benefits. Probably the only investment in the planet that will let you make money even when you are asleep. Out of all the investments you make a real estate is definitely the best. Dubai properties are amongst the most desired, people come seeking it from around the planet. Although, you can completely rely on our realtor for your property proceedings, here are some of the trends in Dubai Real Estate that might of interest to you. Have a look. Also, take a note that all price mentioned below are in AED.

  1. Dubai Marina real estate prices remain stable without any significant reductions this year. The sale price is 1683 per sq ft and rents are 99 k, 140 k and 222 k for one, two and three bedroom apartments.
  2. Down Town Dubai properties have a sale price of approx. 2312 per sq ft. Rents are 119 k, 185 k, 270 k respectively, for one, two and three bedrooms.
  3. With respect to one, two and three bedrooms Al Barsha has 72 k, 95 k and 50 k as rents.
  4. Unlike the other areas, Al Furjan has a rise in property price of about 10%. The sale price is 981 per sq ft and the rentals are 90 k, 110 k, 145 k for one, two and three bedrooms.
  5. The property value at the springs remain the same with no change at all. The rents are 135 k, 180 k for two and three bedroom respectively.
  6. The Palm Jumeirah sale prices are approx. 1987 per sq ft for a one bedroom apartment while the rent prices are 145 k, 183 k, and 250 k respectively for one, two and three bedrooms.
  7. Business bay is rents are lesser, it is 90 k, 134 k, 186 k for one, two and three bedroom. The sale price is 1468 per sq ft.
  8. Coming to Al Nahda the rent prices significantly reduce. The rents are approx. 50 k, 70 k and 95 k for one, two and three bedroom respectively. Al Nahda marks the lowest rents in 2016.
  9. The rents in Bur Dubai are slightly higher than that of Al Nahda with 110 k, 140 k, 180k for one, two and three bedroom apartments.
  10. Finally, Deira has rents of 65 k, 95 k and 125 K for one, two and three bedroom which is less when compared to Bur Dubai.

Dubai Property 2016

To know more details or to make a purchase feel free to get in touch with us. Our realtor will be happy to guide you through the property proceedings.

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A guide to home buying property in Dubai

property in Dubai

Home is not just a house, home is where the family is where the memories are built, a place where you have all the comforts that you long for buy property in Dubai. It is not merely about the money invested, there is more to it. Buying a home is a very important decision prior to which you will need to consider a couple of things.

First and foremost consideration must go to the budget. How much do you actually wish to spend on your home? Well, home is a big and most essential purchase, so it is wise to show some flexibility here. If you do not wish to invest a lot of time and money over it, ready to move in house with fitted equipments, landscaped gardens, well set interiors is the best option. If you think about buying an unfinished home and do everything step by step, you will end up spending much more money and time later on. Although, initial cost may seem a lot lesser, over time you will realize that a fully finished home would’ve saved lots of money and effort.

Type of home is also an important decision to make. Villas, Townhouse, Penthouse, Studio, Duplex apartment… What will be the best fit for your needs? For example, if you are single then the studio will do just fine, if you have a huge family and need a lot of privacy, a town house will make you a great choice. Also, think about convenience. The neighborhood, nearby schools, close proximity other popular landmarks. Even, little things like the kitchen being open or fully closed makes a big difference.

Now the most important part, where can you find a home? And who will help you with the purchase? Unregistered brokers and conman are commoners of the real estate industry. Also, lack of knowledge can pose many issues later on. It is always, best to do it with a trusted real estate agency having licensed brokers. Scared of the agency fee? Frauds and faults in purchases are scarier. Plus, there are many agencies that operate on negligible fees. We take pride in being one of them, we only sell what’s best for you at a lower fee. We can also fix you with some great deals with promising future. Someday, if you wish to sell your property you are guaranteed to get a better ROI. Also, make a point of proceeding with an agency which is local to your area of purchase. Planning to buy a property in Dubai via an agency in New York is never a good idea. Have a safe home buying!

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Is real estate Dubai market affected?


There has been a lot of talk about recession in real estate Dubai. Well, speaking about the recession, it is Global and Dubai isn’t very much affected.

Beginning of 2016 was marked by the fall in oil prices, the rents were also expected to leniently fall down, which did not happen. Again, mark that the fall in oil prices where global and it did not just apply to Dubai or U.A.E for that matter. Of course, there was a decline, but it was very negligible. Palm Jumeirah rents had a maximum face-off of 7%, which isn’t very much. Deira had a down of 2%, while discovery gardens and other developments at AL-QUOZ only had a down of 1%, in the first few months of 2016. While the remaining parts of Dubai dint even face a difference of one percentage point. The market is again getting stable and both the oil and property prices have again gone up to being normal.

Unlike, other parts of the world, real estate industry in Dubai is quite stable. World-class facilities and high tech infrastructure makes a property in Dubai desirable to many. Dubai laws are also very friendly to the expatriates. And let us not forget it is a metropolitan with the lowest recorded crime rate in the world. So, if you are looking forward to buy a property, recession should not be your concern. It has no effect on the properties as such. Rumors are circulating that the rents will further decline by 2017, but those are just rumors and that’s what they do the best. In fact, in areas like discovery gardens the rents have had a hike of 3%.

Dubai property market is comparatively young and it’s cycles seem impenetrable for now. However, an investment in Dubai real estate is never at risk, as it has a promising future.

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New to the new Dubai?


When we speak of the new Dubai, they are the commercial and residential hubs of Dubai, which did not exist prior to the present millennium-2000. Areas like Al Barsha have been established in the early days of the millennium, whereas JLT and Dubai marina were established in the year 2002 and 2003 respectively. There are also some recent developments like The Palm Island, International Media Production Zone (often known as Me’aism), Dubai Downtown etc.

Overall, Dubai has flourished after the economic crisis of 2010 remarkably. Today, Dubai is more than just a tourist spot, especially the new Dubai. More and more people want to set up their business here, invest in properties here and also build their homes in Dubai. High end infrastructure and living standards that Dubai has to offer is desired by many.

Marina is a city that will take you by fascination, neatly built along the canal forming the shoreline of the glorious Persian Gulf. From the most glamorous yacht clubs to the amiable aquariums and several parks as well as play facilities for the kids, Marina has everything that you need. Needless, to mention a property in Marina is always a good decision.

Botanica Tower, penthouses and The Adress provide the  major housing and investment opportunities in Marina. If you are waterfront person then The Address must be your  first choice. Nothing can be more convenient for a family person than the spacious  5-bedroom penthouses. And speaking of the Botanica Tower it is just a  minute’s drive away from the Marina Mall.

Coastal life is good at the Jumeriah. Yes, it is a beautiful island city that came into being recently. Perfect for individuals with impeccable taste and class. The Jumeirah Beech residence is one such development in Jumeirah, which provided ample of housing facilities. Heard of the WALK? Sure, you must have, because of the vast range of shopping, cuisines and entertainment varieties there. It is located in Jumeirah. The Mediterranean architecture of the building is also often praised by the visitors.

To find out about other investment possibilities in the New Dubai,call: +971 4 4576330
or drop a mail:

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Dubai Nightlife

Dubai nightlife

An unforgettable experience

In comparison to the other 6 emirates, nightlife in Dubai is on the rise. Despite the strict Muslim mentality natural to the Arabic world, here you can find a lot of night clubs and bars working 7 days a week. The best European DJ’s frequent Dubai to play house, trance, hip hop, and other styles of music. However, everything closes at 3 a.m. or even earlier during the month of Ramadan. Although, this does not stop young people from taking the fun over to villas and penthouses.

Specifics of Dubai’s nightlife:

– Most night clubs have age limit of 21;
– Many clubs have dress code, so you wear a beach outfit or open shoes, you may want to change. Sometimes local clubs impose specific restrictions, some only allow in visitors in ethnic clothing, while others only welcome women in elegant dresses and men in suits. However most of the time, you are free to choose your style.
– Men are advised to bring a female friend to a club as some establishments do not let single males in.
– Girls are granted a few privileges in clubs, they can enter clubs alone, enjoy free cocktails, and often get a free pass.

To avoid any unpleasant situations, you might want to look up the details about the club you want to go to, or call it on the phone.

Here are a few exciting nightlife spots of Dubai:

– Cirquedu Soir is an eccentric night club with colorful stage performances. Here you will see acrobatic stunts, stand-up comedy, magic tricks, or fire performances. Dress code requirements: club glamour;

– 360° is an open air night club near the Jumeirah Beach hotel. You can come there in a casual outfit and rock until the dawn. It’s also a popular spot for modern DJ’s.

– ARMANI PRIVE is one of the most prestigious clubs of Dubai, it is located in a luxurious hotel Armani. Exquisite interior, best sound system, all the parties are broadcast on a 187-meter screen. It’s also a popular place for local fashion shows.

– BOUDOIR is a luxurious club decorated in the Renaissance style. Here you will enjoy theme parties with an ethnic spin such as Arabic, Iranian, or Russian. Also, it is the only place in Dubai that allows dancing on the bar counters.

Overall, nightlife lovers will certainly not be disappointed. Dubai will impress you with its diversity and splendor.

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Dubai Services

Dubai Services

Infrastructure and services of Dubai

If you’re visiting Dubai for more than a couple of weeks, you’ll be excited to learn about the services it can offer.

Let’s start from the moment you land. In the Dubai airport, you can use the Marhaba service. It offers an expedited check-out procedure at the airport, which includes having the passport control and retinal scan at a separate line. Also, you can get assistance with the baggage claim or get a loader. Overall, they will take care of all the checking out procedures.

Dubai taxi

The Dubai airport offers a taxi service that has fixed prices and accepts credit cards. They offer new and comfortable cars that can fit from 1 to 9 persons.

There are several taxi companies in the city with distinct cab styling. You can order a taxi on the phone, stop it in the street, or find it near public places such as hotels, malls, or restaurants. The fare is based on the taximeter results.

Personal services

Those who don’t have enough time for housekeeping can always use a number of services. In Dubai, you can order:

– Dry-cleaning and clothing repair
– Pick up and disposal of residential waste
– Water and food delivery
– Baby-sitting or nursing
– Furniture, home appliance, and apartment repairs
– Flowers delivery and more

All services are provided by specialized companies. Everything is done to a high standard.

Useful phone numbers

As any large city, Dubai has law and order services, help desks, and information centers. Here are a few numbers that you can use in case you need some help.

999 — Police, Fire, and Ambulance
130 — Telegram Service
140 — Speaking Clock
180 — Telephone Directory
285000 — Tourist Information Center

Enjoy your time in Dubai!

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Dubai Restaurants

Dubai Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants

Being a popular tourist resort, Dubai fused together cuisines from every corner of the world. You can go to an Italian or French restaurant, try Japanese sushi or Peking Duck, or grab a bite at an American fast food restaurant.

However when most people come to Dubai, they want to experience the flavor of the traditional Eastern cuisine.

Numerous diners, cafes, and restaurants are strewn over the districts of this fabulous city and offer flavorful savory traditional Eastern cuisine. You can eat over at a mall or go to a quiet restaurant out of the way of noisy tourist locations. Dubai imposes a strict control over the food quality so you can safely eat at any place with no fear of food poisoning.

It’s worth noting that the modern Arabic cuisine inherited many of its food staples from the nomadic ancestors. Hot spices and a wide variety of meat dishes perpetuate this legacy.

Here you can experience Arabic cuisine in its broadest sense—Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian dishes make up the traditional cuisine of the UAE. If you are going on to see the desert, you will be offered traditional Bedouin food, which is cooked over an open fire.

Most prominent restaurants and cafes of Dubai

Al Nafoorah restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, and is considered to be one of the best places specializing in Lebanese cuisine. Chic environment, excellent service, and tasty food will make for a perfect night out.

Tagine is a Moroccan restaurant with an ethnic feel to it. It is located in the One & Only Le Royal Mirage hotel. The interior is decorated in the traditional Moroccan style. Live music, waiters in ethnic costumes, and flavorful Moroccan dishes will leave you with many good memories.

Al Mahara is the most known and luxurious restaurant in Dubai. It is located in the astonishing hotel Burj Al Arab. Exquisite fresh seafood is the specialty of this restaurant. Its interior and huge aquarium will most certainly impress you.

The unique feature of the Seafood Market is that the visitors can create their meal from the fish and seafood and leave it for the chef to cook. The waiter brings all baskets to the kitchen, where the chefs cooks a dish from each basket.

Dubai offers excellent food, that’s why we suggest you not to limit yourself to one restaurant, but instead try different places with unique flavorful Arabic cuisine!

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Dubai Hotels

Dubai hotels

Luxury at its Highest

Dubai is the city that fuses together the character of the East and the modern technology of the West making it an ideal resort destination. Here you will find a multitude of luxurious hotels, white sand beaches, fashionable restaurants, and huge shopping malls. Dubai has been one of the most popular beach resorts in the last 15-20 years. The city is being built and renovated so fast that even regular visitors always find something new.

The hotel Burj Al Arab is considered to be the symbol of Dubai and even the Emirates. Rising to a height of 321m, this skyscraper overlooks the whole length of Dubai’s coastline. This mind-boggling structure in the shape of a sail was built on an artificial island and connected with a bridge to the mainland. This hotel is the highest in the world and is given 7 stars for its unique design and originality, despite that the standard hotel classification has a maximum of 5 stars.

Among the 5-star hotels in Dubai, Armani Hotel deserves a special note as its interior was designed by the famous Italian

fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Currently, Armani Hotel ranks in the top 10 best hotels of Dubai.

Overall, there are over 20 top quality hotels near the beach. Each of them is a genuine masterpiece of luxury and comfort. However, the hotel prices in Dubai are not sky-high.

Beach lovers will fully appreciate the Jumeirah district, where are located the top tier hotels with private beach strips. Children will love the local entertainments: amusement parks, zoos, playgrounds, and the giant water park Wild Wadi.

What about the food though, you might ask? It needs to be noted, that the food in the hotels of Dubai is very diverse and is normally served in a buffet style. Even in a 3-star hotel in Dubai, your breakfast will include several types of flakes and yogurt, pieces of meat and sausage, pastry, croissants, toasts, jam and better, and a fruit assortment. Drinks will include tea, coffee, and a few kinds of juice. Overall, your stay in Dubai will be extremely comfortable.

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Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches

Enjoy all year round

Beaches of Dubai

Shining sun, clear blue water, and white sand are a few of the reasons of the Dubai’s popularity. The beach is thoroughly cleaned and maintained, you will never see any garbage or seaweed. All beaches are equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Another upside is that here you won’t be bothered by street vendors or peddlers that you may see in other resorts. Beaches of Dubai are acknowledged as ones of the most pure in the world.

If you are going to visit Dubai, you need to know that the local climate is very hot and humid. In the summertime, the ambient temperature can reach +50°С. The most favorable time for a visit would be from October to May as the temperature during these months rarely exceeds +30°С. Water temperature is just perfect, it rarely drops below +20°С.

Beaches of Jumeirah

Jumeirah is the best suited district for beach recreation. Here you will find the most fashionable hotels with private beach strips. These are free for hotel guests, the rest can pay for the entrance. Water activities of every sort can be found here: carting, diving, water skiing, boating, scooting, or cruising the bay. In a nutshell, you will not be bored.

There are also two major beach parks in Dubai—Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Park. You will have to pay for the entry, however they offer the best infrastructure such as parking lots, bars, restaurants, beach clothing and souvenir shops, pools and showers. You can stay here for the full day.

The depths of the Persian Gulf lure in divers from every corner of the globe. There are a lot of diving clubs in Dubai where the beginners can learn the basics while the experienced divers rent the equipment. All these clubs are certified, and their representatives can be found in every major hotel.

Nuances of beach recreation in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country that abides by the rules of Islam. That’s why we need to mention the existing restrictions such as:

• Prohibition of nakedness;

• No alcohol consumption on the beach;

• Often, video and photo shoots are not allowed

However, you need not be frighted by these restrictions, but should rather take them as local customs. After all, what fun is traveling without experiencing new culture and traditions? A trip in Dubai is a great opportunity to immerse into the mysterious and glorious world of the East!

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Unusual restaurant- Rogo’s


The first such restaurant opened in 2007 in Nuremberg, Germany, a restaurant in the UAE will be the second in the world, but the first in the region. Food delivery system works silently and special containers will not spill or cold lemonade or hot coffee during their journey through a loop and steep slopes. Driving force is gravity, and the role of folders with the Run menu, tablet computers.

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