Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches

Enjoy all year round

Beaches of Dubai

Shining sun, clear blue water, and white sand are a few of the reasons of the Dubai’s popularity. The beach is thoroughly cleaned and maintained, you will never see any garbage or seaweed. All beaches are equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Another upside is that here you won’t be bothered by street vendors or peddlers that you may see in other resorts. Beaches of Dubai are acknowledged as ones of the most pure in the world.

If you are going to visit Dubai, you need to know that the local climate is very hot and humid. In the summertime, the ambient temperature can reach +50°С. The most favorable time for a visit would be from October to May as the temperature during these months rarely exceeds +30°С. Water temperature is just perfect, it rarely drops below +20°С.

Beaches of Jumeirah

Jumeirah is the best suited district for beach recreation. Here you will find the most fashionable hotels with private beach strips. These are free for hotel guests, the rest can pay for the entrance. Water activities of every sort can be found here: carting, diving, water skiing, boating, scooting, or cruising the bay. In a nutshell, you will not be bored.

There are also two major beach parks in Dubai—Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Park. You will have to pay for the entry, however they offer the best infrastructure such as parking lots, bars, restaurants, beach clothing and souvenir shops, pools and showers.  You can stay here for the full day.

The depths of the Persian Gulf lure in divers from every corner of the globe. There are a lot of diving clubs in Dubai where the beginners can learn the basics while the experienced divers rent the equipment. All these clubs are certified, and their representatives can be found in every major hotel.

Nuances of beach recreation in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country that abides by the rules of Islam. That’s why we need to mention the existing restrictions such as:

•    Prohibition of nakedness;

•    No alcohol consumption on the beach;

•    Often, video and photo shoots are not allowed

However, you need not be frighted by these restrictions, but should rather take them as local customs. After all, what fun is traveling without experiencing new culture and traditions? A trip in Dubai is a great opportunity to immerse into the mysterious and glorious world of the East!