Dubai Hotels

Dubai hotels

Luxury at its Highest

Dubai is the city that fuses together the character of the East and the modern technology of the West making it an ideal resort destination. Here you will find a multitude of luxurious hotels, white sand beaches, fashionable restaurants, and huge shopping malls.  Dubai has been one of the most popular beach resorts in the last 15-20 years. The city is being built and renovated so fast that even regular visitors always find something new.

The hotel Burj Al Arab is considered to be the symbol of Dubai and even the Emirates. Rising to a height of 321m, this skyscraper overlooks the whole length of Dubai’s coastline. This mind-boggling structure in the shape of a sail was built on an artificial island and connected with a bridge to the mainland. This hotel is the highest in the world and is given 7 stars for its unique design and originality,  despite that the standard hotel classification has a maximum of 5 stars.

Among the 5-star hotels in Dubai, Armani Hotel deserves a special note as its interior was designed by the famous Italian

fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Currently, Armani Hotel ranks in the top 10 best hotels of Dubai.

Overall, there are over 20 top quality hotels near the beach. Each of them is a genuine masterpiece of luxury and comfort. However, the hotel prices in Dubai are not sky-high.

Beach lovers will fully appreciate the Jumeirah district, where are located the top tier hotels with private beach strips. Children will love the local entertainments: amusement parks, zoos, playgrounds, and the giant water park Wild Wadi.

What about the food though, you might ask? It needs to be noted, that the food in the hotels of Dubai is very diverse and is normally served in a buffet style. Even in a 3-star hotel in Dubai, your breakfast will include several types of flakes and yogurt, pieces of meat and sausage, pastry, croissants, toasts, jam and better, and a fruit assortment. Drinks will include tea, coffee, and a few kinds of juice.  Overall, your stay in Dubai will be extremely comfortable.