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Dubai Property Trends 2016 versus 2015

Dubai Property Trends

Generally the property or real estate is an investment that has its own benefits. Probably the only investment in the planet that will let you make money even when you are asleep. Out of all the investments you make a real estate is definitely the best. Dubai properties are amongst the most desired, people come seeking it from around the planet. Although, you can completely rely on our realtor for your property proceedings, here are some of the trends in Dubai Real Estate that might of interest to you. Have a look. Also, take a note that all price mentioned below are in AED.

  1. Dubai Marina real estate prices remain stable without any significant reductions this year. The sale price is 1683 per sq ft and rents are 99 k, 140 k and 222 k for one, two and three bedroom apartments.
  2. Down Town Dubai properties have a sale price of approx. 2312 per sq ft. Rents are 119 k, 185 k, 270 k respectively, for one, two and three bedrooms.
  3. With respect to one, two and three bedrooms Al Barsha has 72 k, 95 k and 50 k as rents.
  4. Unlike the other areas, Al Furjan has a rise in property price of about 10%. The sale price is 981 per sq ft and the rentals are 90 k, 110 k, 145 k for one, two and three bedrooms.
  5. The property value at the springs remain the same with no change at all. The rents are 135 k, 180 k for two and three bedroom respectively.
  6. The Palm Jumeirah sale prices are approx. 1987 per sq ft for a one bedroom apartment while the rent prices are 145 k, 183 k, and 250 k respectively for one, two and three bedrooms.
  7. Business bay is rents are lesser, it is 90 k, 134 k, 186 k for one, two and three bedroom. The sale price is 1468 per sq ft.
  8. Coming to Al Nahda the rent prices significantly reduce. The rents are approx. 50 k, 70 k and 95 k for one, two and three bedroom respectively. Al Nahda marks the lowest rents in 2016.
  9. The rents in Bur Dubai are slightly higher than that of Al Nahda with 110 k, 140 k, 180k for one, two and three bedroom apartments.
  10. Finally, Deira has rents of 65 k, 95 k and 125 K for one, two and three bedroom which is less when compared to Bur Dubai.

Dubai Property 2016

To know more details or to make a purchase feel free to get in touch with us. Our realtor will be happy to guide you through the property proceedings.

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