Dubai Restaurants

Dubai Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants

Being a popular tourist resort, Dubai fused together cuisines from every corner of the world. You can go to an Italian or French restaurant, try Japanese sushi or Peking Duck, or grab a bite at an American fast food restaurant.

However when most people come to Dubai, they want to experience the flavor of the traditional Eastern cuisine.

Numerous diners, cafes, and restaurants are strewn over the districts of this fabulous city and offer flavorful savory traditional Eastern cuisine. You can eat over at a mall or go to a quiet restaurant out of the way of noisy tourist locations. Dubai imposes a strict control over the food quality so you can safely eat at any place with no fear of food poisoning.

It’s worth noting that the modern Arabic cuisine inherited many of its food staples from the nomadic ancestors. Hot spices and a wide variety of meat dishes perpetuate this legacy.

Here you can experience Arabic cuisine in its broadest sense—Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian dishes make up the traditional cuisine of the UAE. If you are going on to see the desert, you will be offered traditional Bedouin food, which is cooked over an open fire.

Most prominent restaurants and cafes of Dubai

Al Nafoorah restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, and is considered to be one of the best places specializing in Lebanese cuisine. Chic environment, excellent service, and tasty food will make for a perfect night out.

Tagine is a Moroccan restaurant with an ethnic feel to it. It is located in the One & Only Le Royal Mirage hotel. The interior is decorated in the traditional Moroccan style. Live music, waiters in ethnic costumes, and flavorful Moroccan dishes will leave you with many good memories.

Al Mahara is the most known and luxurious restaurant in Dubai. It is located in the astonishing hotel Burj Al Arab. Exquisite fresh seafood is the specialty of this restaurant. Its interior and huge aquarium will most certainly impress you.

The unique feature of the Seafood Market is that the visitors can create their meal from the fish and seafood and leave it for the chef to cook. The waiter brings all baskets to the kitchen, where the chefs cooks a dish from each basket.

Dubai offers excellent food, that’s why we suggest you not to limit yourself to one restaurant, but instead try different places with unique flavorful Arabic cuisine!