Dubai Services

Dubai Services

Infrastructure and services of Dubai

If you’re visiting Dubai for more than a couple of weeks, you’ll be excited to learn about the services it can offer.

Let’s start from the moment you land. In the Dubai airport, you can use the Marhaba service. It offers an expedited check-out procedure at the airport, which includes having the passport control and retinal scan at a separate line. Also, you can get assistance with the baggage claim or get a loader. Overall, they will take care of all the checking out procedures.

Dubai taxi

The Dubai airport offers a taxi service that has fixed prices and accepts credit cards.  They offer new and comfortable cars that can fit from 1 to 9 persons.

There are several taxi companies in the city with distinct cab styling.  You can order a taxi on the phone, stop it in the street, or find it near public places such as hotels, malls, or restaurants. The fare is based on the taximeter results.

Personal services

Those who don’t have enough time for housekeeping can always use a number of services. In Dubai, you can order:

– Dry-cleaning and clothing repair
– Pick up and disposal of residential waste
– Water and food delivery
– Baby-sitting or nursing
– Furniture, home appliance, and apartment repairs
– Flowers delivery and more

All services are provided by specialized companies. Everything is done to a high standard.

Useful phone numbers

As any large city, Dubai has law and order services, help desks, and information centers. Here are a few numbers that you can use in case you need some help.

999 — Police, Fire, and Ambulance
130 — Telegram Service
140 — Speaking Clock
180 — Telephone Directory
285000 — Tourist Information Center

Enjoy your time in Dubai!

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