Our Team

Let me introduce our close-knit team of specialists in the field of real estate and investments:

Valerios Martinidis

Chief Executive Officer

He is a true professional of his trade, a skillful leader of the company, and an investor involved in numerous successful projects in the UAE. Extensive experience in real estate, ability to set and achieve goals are the qualities that make Valerios a true leader that can effectively manage clients, partners, and company staff.

Muhammadkarim Sultanov

General Manager

An area of responsibility of this truly brilliant specialist encompasses development and expansion of the company. He oversees the marketing program and coordinates the work of our managers. Mukhammadkarim proved his professional qualities and demonstrated great results in sales and lease of real estate. Client-oriented approach has always been essential to his success. He is eager to provide comprehensive support to our clients and partners or find an optimal solution to any difficult situation. He constantly receives positive feedback from our clients, partners, or his superiors at work. His creative approach and deep knowledge of his field help our company maintain the top positions in the market of Dubai.

Venera Zagidullina

Financial Manager

This skillful and reliable specialist manages the financial side of our company. She established connections with banks and other commercial institutions and found numerous partners. She is a true professional who knows what clients want and will satisfy even their most extravagant requests. Her creative and responsible approach to work along with friendly attitude instantly captures clients’ favor. Her professional disposition helps her deal even with the most demanding clients.

Eldiiar Usenaliev

Sales Manager

This person knows all districts of Dubai like the back of his hand and can quickly select the most suitable property. As a true professional of his trade, he can find the right approach for each client. He manages all the logistics such as meeting clients at the airport, helping them with transportation, showing the city, and then with viewing and selection of property. All clients who worked with Eldiiar praise his professional qualities which also find reflection in the number of his successful transactions.

Rosali Roble


She is our knowledgeable consultant who is ready to answer all your questions on the phone or at the office. Friendly and polite attitude towards the client stays at the heart of Rozali’s work. She is always ready to provide maximum information on any real estate matter. She is an indispensable member of our office who’s always in touch and devotes all her attention to our clients.

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